What is victimology and why is it important?

Post Date: 10.19.2015

While crime frequently dominates the news cycle, the needs of victims are all too often overlooked. Those most deeply affected have their stories buried and their voices silenced, even as criminals sometimes rise to the status of pseudo-celebrities.

The growing field of victimology turns attention back to victims with the study of their experiences and needs. The Office for Victims of Crime stresses the necessity of continued innovation in this area. There seems to be a significant gap in knowledge when it comes to understanding the wide ranging and far reaching effects of violence and crime – both direct and indirect – for those who have been victimized.

While it is vitally important to prosecute and convict criminals for wrongdoing, the growing attention to victims’ health and wellbeing has fed a need for educational programs focused on victimology to support those working in advocacy or other victim services. Advocates are empowered to guide victims through legal processes, inform them of their rights, and support their healing.

The Kent State University online Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice offers a Victimology concentration designed for criminal justice professionals who hold a bachelor’s degree and have a passion for victim rights. Students can earn their degree in less than two years. Upon completing the program, they will be armed with the knowledge to help create initiatives that protect victims of crime and prevent these occurrences from happening.