Student Rights, Responsibilities and Academic Honesty

Kent State University has created policies to ensure the safety of KSU’s students and their work. These policies should be followed to obtain the safest, best education possible here are KSU.

Illegal Downloading Copyright Infringement and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Academic Honesty The use of the intellectual property of others without attributing it to them is considered a serious academic offense. Cheating or plagiarism will result in receiving a failing grade for the work or course. Repeat offenses result in dismissal from the University.

University Policies Related to Protecting an Individual’s Work 

Office of Security and Compliance  This office oversees the security aspects of KSU’s network and electronic data.

Kent State Copyright Resource Page Policy information These pages are meant to serve as a guide to important information regarding copyright, copyright laws, intellectual property rights, patents and other related and important issues.

Copyright law and graduate research Written by Kenneth D. Crews and provided by UMI Proquest, this primer offers information and advice for the graduate student writing his or her thesis or dissertation.

Copyright Management Center at IUPUI This site contains a concise “Copyright Quickguide,” information on the TEACH Act for distance learning and more.

IS Policy Information Policy information from University Services regarding illegal downloading, reporting alleged infringement, software security policies and more.

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