Student Spotlight: Felesia M., ‘14

Post Date: 5.18.2017

A Master’s Degree for the Working UXer
Kent State, UX Design and Career Opportunities


1. How did you feel at the start of the online program vs. at the end? What were your expectations, and were they met, exceeded or changed?

At the start of the program, I was nervous about whether or not I would fit in and if this was the correct program for me. By the end of the program, I was confident in my ability to become a successful user experience professional.

As designers and developers, we sometimes get caught up in the design and code without realizing that everything is and should be centered around the users of a product. Kent State University’s UXD program taught me the skills needed to develop user-centered designs.

2. What are some skills you learned through the program that you now use in your UX design career?

The information architecture classes and the user research courses were my favorite. I apply the skills I learned  every day in my work. Whether I’m working on a freelance website or building a digital application, the skills I learned in the UXD program provided me a solid foundation for building strong user-centered products.

3. Why would you recommend Kent State’s UX design program to someone?

This program is useful for anyone working to build better products. It teaches you how to better understand the target audience and their goals for using your product.

4. What project from your program are you most proud of?

The usability testing and the final project we worked on as a group to redesign the website of a record company.

5. What has earning a master’s from Kent State truly meant to you?

My master’s degree specializing in UX design has given me the confidence to pursue a new career and the foundation to be successful. The program provided me with the foundation that I felt I needed to become a better web designer and to build better digital applications.

6. As an alumna, what tips would you give to someone who is coming into the online UX design program about being an online student overall?

Without the online classes, I would not have been able to pursue this degree. The online format allowed me to take classes while working full time and taking care of my family. It was a great option for me.
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