Online Graduate Programs

Kent State offers a variety of online grad school programs, making it easier than ever to advance your education.

Art Education –  Master of Arts

Licensed art education teachers who complete an art education master’s degree at Kent State University develop a focused competence in the visual arts as well as an intellectual understanding of the history and current issues of the field of art education. Students complete a course on quantitative and qualitative approaches to research then select to do a research study with a thesis or a master’s project option. The thesis culminates in a document that is based on scholarly research of an art education related topic. The master’s project involves action research, which focuses on participant/researcher studies in curriculum, classroom settings, grant implementation, and/or community-based projects.

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Aviation Management and Logistics –  Master of Science

The Master of Science degree in Aviation Management and Logistics prepares graduates to perform at an advanced level in organizations that move people and/or goods via air transport. Students in the program examine the business of aviation logistics and its role in the global supply chain. In addition, they learn techniques necessary to understand and develop an aviation logistics model for producing an accurate and effective forecast for demand of aviation services.

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Business Administration – Online Master

The Online Master of Business Administration is AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International) accredited. The modular, eight-week course structure allows you to enroll at any time and go at your own pace. The Online MBA offers project-based curriculum, a flexible schedule, flexible academic advisors always willing to help, access to a MBA career coach, digital career services offerings and an online speaker series. There is also an option to study abroad with a $2,500 scholarship available to all students. The Online MBA offers access to a full range of resources also offered to in-person graduate students.

  • Available online concentrations:
    • International Business
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Business Analytics

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Business Analytics –  Master of Science

The Master of Science degree in Business Analytics provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of analytics that balances the technologies, analytical methods and business expertise needed to glean useful information from data to make strategic business decisions. Students in the Business Analytics major gain the technical, analytical, communication, decision-making and leadership skills needed to be successful business analysts.

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Clinical Epidemiology –  Master of Science

The Master of Science degree in Clinical Epidemiology is an advanced program that trains students in the epidemiology and biostatistical methods related to clinical trials and clinical research. Students learn advanced methods of observational and experimental study designs and to understand disease prevention, development, prognosis and treatment. In addition, students understand and are able to apply good clinical practices, clinical trials design, management, statistical analysis, study monitoring, pharmaceutical research and regulations related to clinical research.

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Criminology and Criminal Justice –  Master of Arts

The online Master’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Kent State University is designed to challenge experienced professionals who want to expand their scope of knowledge and move into a leadership position within their organization. You will choose a focus area from one of four advancing fields:

  • Global Security
  • Corrections
  • Victimology
  • Policing

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Digital Sciences – Master

Students in the Master of Digital Sciences program receive a broad foundational knowledge in digital technologies through a guided choice of concentrations and approved electives. The Data Science concentration focuses on the data analysis and modeling needed by an organization and the processing of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data using statistical and semantic analysis techniques to meet those needs.

  • Available online concentrations:
    • Data Science. This concentration focuses on the data analysis and modeling needed by an organization and the processing of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data using statistical and semantic analysis techniques to meet those needs
    • Digital Systems Training Technology. This concentration focuses on the educational applications needed by an organization and the design and management of instructional systems to meet those needs.
    • Enterprise Architecture. This concentration focuses on the business goals, processes, and technology infrastructure needed by an organization and the alignment of the processes and infrastructure with the goals of the business.

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Educational Psychology – Master of Education

The Master of Education degree in Educational Psychology provides advanced study for students interested in the application of psychological principles to learning and instruction. It encompasses a variety of different disciplines, including cognitive psychology, human development and learning theory. Students are exposed to the latest research findings regarding how people learn most effectively and efficiently. They also apply these principles to the design of instruction, and study how to most accurately assess different types of learning.

The M.Ed. degree program is appropriate for classroom teachers, professionals in a variety of settings and students wishing to pursue graduate-level training in educational psychology.

  • Available online concentrations:
    • Gifted Education. Students in this concentration will learn about gifted learners, their unique needs, and the application of educational psychological principles to the education of gifted learners.

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Educational Technology – Master of Education

This graduate program offers students a M.Ed. in Educational Technology and offers courses that prepare students to use a variety of technology in many different settings.M.Ed. also offers a MED/MLIS.

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Evaluation and Measurement – Master of Education

The Evaluation and Measurement Program has been designed to introduce students to theories, skills, and applications in the fields of research methodology, statistical analyses, program evaluation, assessment, and measurement/psychometrics. Our program seeks to develop specialists who can apply their knowledge about research and measurement in a variety of settings. Emphasis on theory and application prepares students to use a variety of research approaches and techniques with a mature understanding of their rationale.

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Geographic Information Science – Master of Geographic Information Science

The online Master of Geographic Information Science (GISc) from Kent State University offers you the skills and knowledge to delve into exciting and evolving areas within GISc. With increasing demand for GIS expertise, graduates of the GISc program can drive innovation and apply modern technologies to their careers in nonprofit, government, or business sectors.

  • Available online concentrations:
    • Environmental GIS
    • CyberGIS
    • GIS and Health

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Health Informatics – Master of Science

Health Informatics (HI) is the science that defines how health information is captured, analyzed, transmitted and managed. It focuses on information systems, informatics principles and information technology as it is applied to the continuum of health care delivery. This integrated discipline features specialty domains in management science, management engineering principles, health care delivery and public health, patient safety, information science and computer technology. Health informatics professionals are in great demand across the country, and will continue to be needed as federal mandates for electronic health information networks are implemented.

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Journalism and Mass Communication

The same Master of Arts degree for journalism educators is also available online for those who cannot attend on-campus classes at Kent State. This online graduate education degree program emphasizes skills and theory teachers can learn today and use in their classrooms tomorrow. From coaching a novice news writer to gaining strategies to protect students’ First Amendment rights, the range of course content covers what teachers and advisers need to know to be effective journalism educators.

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Knowledge Management – Master of Science

Knowledge management is a discipline that takes a comprehensive, systematic approach to the information assets of an organization by identifying, capturing, collecting, organizing, indexing, storing, integrating, retrieving and sharing them. Such assets include intellectual capital, employee expertise, business and competitive intelligence, and organizational memory. It strives to make the collective knowledge, information and experiences of the organization available to individual employees or organizational groups for their use and to motivate them to contribute their knowledge to the collective assets. It seeks to create or identify communities of practice or interest, especially to identify lessons learned and best practices.

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Latin – Master of Arts

The Master of Arts degree program in Latin includes a concentration in Latin literature. The concentration in literature provides students with intensive Latin language practice at an advanced level across a wide range of literary genres as well as experience with academic research and scholarship.

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Liberal Studies – Master of Liberal Studies

Kent State University is one of 6 institutions in Ohio to offer the Master of Liberal Studies (M.L.S.) degree, but the only one that allows you to take courses from any college or school in the university. It also has the fewest required courses: only ONE required course, AS 61000 Introduction to Liberal Studies, about which more below. The KSU Master’s Degree in Liberal Studies therefore provides you with a unique opportunity to study at the graduate level in fields that are of interest and use to you. KSU Master of Liberal Studies students, under the guidance of the Program Director, select courses from across the university to form their own individualized and integrated course of study.

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Library and Information Science – Master of Library and Information Science

The School of Information (iSchool) at Kent State University offers a Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.S.). With more than 700 students enrolled, SLIS has the largest graduate program at Kent State. Its M.L.I.S. is the only American Library Association-accredited master’s program in Ohio and is recognized by U.S. News and World Report among the nation’s top 20 LIS programs.

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Music Education – Master of Music

The comprehensive Master of Music in music education online program helps choral, instrumental and general music teachers develop their professional skills. The program is differentiated from others in that it is practitioner-oriented.

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Nursing – Master of Science

Our Master’s Degree in Nursing prepares nurses for advanced clinical roles while making them eligible for national certification as clinical nurse specialists (CNS), nurse practitioners (NP) or to serve in nurse educator, health care management or leadership roles. Fully-online concentrations include Adult Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nurse Educator, Nursing and Healthcare Management, and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

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Nursing Practice Program – Doctorate

Students prepare for their roles as advanced practice nurses to provide leadership and apply research evidence to clinical practice, and contribute to improved health care outcomes via direct practice, policy change, systems evaluation, and practice scholarship.

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Public Administration – Master of Public Administration

The online Master of Public Administration program at Kent State University provides the knowledge and skills to advance your career in the public sector. Using experiential learning techniques that help you to apply what you learn in real time, this program prepares you for senior management positions in local, state and regional governments, as well as in non profit organizations.

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Public Health – Master of Public Health 

The online Master of Public Health prepares you to make a difference within your community. Whether you seek to lead in hospitals, public and government health settings, insurance companies, or nonprofit organizations, this program equips you with the skills and knowledge to lead in the implementation and improvement of health services planning and management, health policy and analysis, and population health enhancement.

Ranked the #1 Master of Public Health Degree in Health Policy and Management by Master’s in Public Health Degrees.

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School Library Media K-12 – Master of Library and Information Science

The Master of Library and Information Science degree in School Library Media K-12 prepares students to apply for multi-age licensure in school library media. The program curriculum is based in both practice and theory and includes library science and educational technology courses. The theoretical content is aligned with the American Library Association, the American Association of School Librarians national standards and the Ohio state standards for school libraries.

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Special Education (General Concentration) – Master of Education 

The Master of Education degree in Special Education prepares students to work with exceptional learners in a variety of settings. The National Center on Personnel Studies in Special Education reports a critical national shortage of special education teachers, administrators and related personnel. More than 50,000 teachers are needed to solve this shortage, with 98 percent of the nation’s largest school districts reporting shortages. Students do not need to have an undergraduate degree in special education (or education) to be successful in the master’s degree; however, they do need to have a strong desire to work with the special needs population in an educational setting.

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Translation – Master of Arts 

The Master of Arts degree in Translation prepares students for careers in translation, language project management, international business and government.

  • Available languages:
    • Arabic
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Japanese
    • German
    • French

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User Experience Design – Master of Science

The online Master of Science in User Experience Design (UXD) at Kent State University prepares professional user experience designers to work in digitally-driven agencies and organizations. Graduates of the program will come away with a solid understanding of usability, content strategy, information architecture and user research.

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