3 “Hidden” Industries of User Experience Design

Post Date: 4.07.2017

Since you made it to this post, you’ve most likely heard of user experience design (UXD). You may even have a clear understanding of what it means already. For those who don’t, however, a UX designer is a person who works to make a platform or product as user-friendly, enjoyable and useful as possible for end users. This involves seamlessly integrating digital systems and technology into both traditional products and new, innovative products.

Now that that’s out of the way, your next logical question may very well be, “Okay, but what industries—what jobs—do UX designers work in?”

Well, the short answer is: UX designers can work in a huge variety of industries. Yet, since that answer won’t do, we’ve developed a short list of industries in which UX designers work, some of which may surprise you.

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