Get to Know the LUMEN Model

Post Date: 5.18.2017

Kent State University’s Proprietary Design Process At the center of usability is a process. Think about it: The most enjoyable applications, websites and devices are usually extremely simple to navigate, use and, most importantly, enjoy. When we as consumers and users interact with these devices, we are undertaking a process of engagement. While we are […]

Student Spotlight: Justin M., ‘16

Post Date: 4.27.2017

Kent State, UX Design and Career Opportunities How did you feel at the start of the online program vs. at the end? What were your expectations, and were they met, exceeded or changed? When I was considering the Kent State program, I read some UX message boards where posters warned that having a master’s degree […]

7 Tips and Tricks for Future Kent State UX Design Students

Post Date: 4.07.2017

As a 2016 graduate of Kent State University’s online user experience design (UXD) master’s program, Chad C. was kind enough to share a few bits of advice and wisdom from his experience that will likely enhance and improve yours. Key Takeaways from UXD Alumnus Chad C., ‘16 1) Assignments – Great portfolio material, but document […]

How to Take Your Career into the World of UX Design

Post Date: 4.07.2017

Examining the Skills Needed for UX Design Like many, you may be interested in user experience design (UXD) as a concept. Yet, you may be in a different field and unable to see a clear connection of how your career could ever transition into UX design. Not to worry, if you’re interested in becoming a […]

3 “Hidden” Industries of User Experience Design

Post Date: 4.07.2017

Since you made it to this post, you’ve most likely heard of user experience design (UXD). You may even have a clear understanding of what it means already. For those who don’t, however, a UX designer is a person who works to make a platform or product as user-friendly, enjoyable and useful as possible for […]

Key Components of a Sticky Site: Blog

Post Date: 5.19.2016

What makes someone a repeat visitor to a website or motivates them to share it with their networks via social channels? There isn’t one correct answer to either of these questions, because there is a multi-layered, strategic approach to attracting and converting people into frequent visitors. Generally speaking, the best way to achieve this goal […]

Key Components of a Sticky Site: Video

Post Date: 5.19.2016

So you’re a UXD professional tasked with building a website for a client that will not only draw people in, but keep them clicking around on the digital property for as long as possible. You’re aware that the Internet has caused people to consume vast amounts of information simultaneously, and a byproduct of this is […]

Key Components of a Sticky Site: Social Integration

Post Date: 5.19.2016

Incorporating video and a well-written, frequently updated blog can help attract the attention of consumers and potentially convert them into viable leads. Having a website that leverages social media integration can also help raise visibility and boost traffic. These days, there is no shortage of social media platforms that people engage with on a daily […]

What Makes a Sticky Site?

Post Date: 5.19.2016

It’s no secret that we live in a digital world. The Internet has forever shifted the way that we listen to music, watch videos, read the news and connect with people from all over the world. When it comes to marketing and advertising, brands often try to make an impact with consumers using a variety […]

UXD Focus: Ryan Spencer on User Interface and User Experience

Post Date: 2.25.2016

Most people considering a career in UXD may not fully understand the difference between user interface vs. user experience, but it’s a critical piece of of knowledge to understand. Ryan Spencer, a UX professional, explains these concepts in the most simple, yet matter-of-fact way possible. “There’s a lot of confusion between UI and UX, user […]