Bridging the Broadband Gap Through Public Administration

Post Date: 5.17.2017

Public Technology for the Greater Good It should come as no surprise that over 80 percent of adults in the United States use the internet.1 In fact, over half the world’s population owns a smartphone—a technology that relies exclusively on broadband for many of its primary functions.2 So, with the proliferation of internet usage being […]

The Future of Public Administration

Post Date: 2.07.2017

Find the blueprint to better administrations with an MPA. It’s no secret. The public’s confidence in the government is on the decline. In fact, a stifling 76 percent of citizens believe that political corruption is a critical problem facing us today. According to Kent State University professor Mark Cassell though, “When we talk about failed […]

The Path to Public Good

Post Date: 1.20.2017

What is social responsibility, and how can it lead to careers in public administration? The paths of those who have arrived in public administration careers are varied and sometimes unpredictable. Often, the professionals who serve the public best are the ones who never necessarily saw themselves fulfilling those roles to begin with. Rather, they are […]

What can you do with an MPA?

Post Date: 12.16.2016

A Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree helps prepare administrative professionals for advanced positions within the public sector, government and nonprofit organizations. Explore the infographic below to learn how an MPA can help pave the way to more senior job opportunities.

Flint, Michigan Expert Comes to Kent!

Post Date: 3.09.2016

The Department of Political Science would like to welcome our newest assistant professor, Ashley Nickels, who will teach in the Kent State University Master’s in Public Administration program. In May, Nickels will graduate with a Ph.D. In public policy and administration, with a specialization in community development, from Rutgers University. Nickels is an interdisciplinary scholar […]

The Corruption Issue in the Public Sector

Post Date: 11.11.2015

Although not widely discussed, corrupt public figures in the U.S. presents a huge problem. Public corruption isn’t a topic that’s widely discussed, but at the same time it’s a subject that should be important to every American. The effects of corruption are as far reaching as they are damaging to individuals and communities and in […]