Rochester High School Student Starts Successful GISc Program

Post Date: 6.16.2016

Data has transformed the way we live. There is so much information available to us these days that we can use it to make pinpoint and informed decisions that go beyond educated guesses or hunches. Data can be leveraged in almost any area of life and industry. Thomas Cuyler, a high school senior at School […]

GISc Used to Highlight Racial Segregation in America

Post Date: 6.16.2016

Racial segregation in the United States of America can be a sensitive or controversial subject that many people prefer not to discuss. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted to prevent discrimination based on race, skin color or national origin, and since that time, it might be taken for granted that segregation based on […]

GISc Industry Infographic

Post Date: 6.07.2016

Interested in earning a Master of Geographic Information Science? Learn more about how you can help to advance your career and specialize in one of three concentration areas: CyberGIS, Environmental GISc and Health GISc. Learn more about our program options.